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Press Release from Angler West Consultants, Inc.

May 13, 2024 — Inperium, Inc. and Resources for Human Development (“RHD”), multi-state nonprofit providers of behavioral health and other social support services, have agreed to affiliate and create one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive human services networks, spanning eighteen states. In its first year, the combined enterprise is expected to generate $800 million in annual revenues.

Inperium will invest in RHD to advance its mission, and the parties will combine their administrative operations to generate economies of scale and enhance overall performance. The affiliation is expected to close the third quarter of 2024 following the regulatory approvals. In the interim, pursuant to a Transitional Services Agreement, Inperium will deliver services to enhance RHD’s operational and financial performance.

Jay Deppeler, Interim Chief Executive Officer of RHD, commented: “I and the other members of the RHD management team look forward with great anticipation to this next chapter in the evolution of this extraordinary nonprofit organization. Inperium is one of the fastest growing nonprofits in America with an impressive record of consistently exceptional performance. Combining the RHD and Inperium service networks will enhance the continuum of care for the people we support. I commend and thank the RHD Board for the enormous energy and determination it invested to lead this transformational undertaking to a successful conclusion.”

Ryan D. Smith, Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Inperium, explained: “Inperium creates opportunities for mission-driven human services providers like RHD to grow and innovate by providing them with capital and state-of-the art infrastructure, which in turn enables Inperium’s affiliates to devote all their focus on providing best-in-class supports and services to vulnerable and underserved populations. Our affiliation with RHD represents a defining moment and a major next step in expanding the scope, scale, and success of the Inperium network. As we approach our tenth year of operations, our affiliation pipeline remains robust, and I expect to announce additional affiliations in the near term, including Inperium’s inaugural affiliation on the West Coast.”

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