IDD Provider Readiness for Performance-Based (Selective) Contracting Survey

IDD Provider Readiness for Performance-Based (Selective) Contracting Survey

As you are aware, The Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has proposed adopting a system under which private provider agencies would be graded on their performance on a number of ODP-selected indicators of quality. Underlying this model is the assumption that service providers should be able to offer all necessary supports and services to a broad range of individuals throughout their lives. In a sense, providers will be shaped towards becoming more comprehensive in their offerings.

RCPA is interested in assessing the extent to which the intellectual disability providers are prepared to meet these new expectations. By assessing readiness, we hope to be able to offer suggestions to ODP that will ease the transition to this new service model.

I am inviting you to assist us in our advocacy efforts by completing a survey that will help assess our readiness. A PDF copy of the survey can be accessed here, so that you can preview the questions and gather any information you believe will be helpful in completing the survey. When you are ready to complete the survey, you can access the survey online using this link. Please complete the survey by COB on Tuesday February 20, 2024.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact either Dr. Scott Spreat (via email or 215-750-4015) or Carol Ferenz (via email or 717-364-3282).

Thank you for your participation.

Richard S. Edley
President and CEO