ODP Hosts Final Provider Preparedness Summit

ODP Hosts Final Provider Preparedness Summit

Thursday June 20, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) held the fourth Provider Preparedness Summit for residential providers. Additional discussion on specific performance standards for Performance-Based Contracting took place.

The PowerPoint can be viewed here, and a recording of the session will be posted shortly on theĀ MyODP website.

ODP staff answered many questions submitted by providers and will take questions/comments into consideration for change. The discussion was primarily focused on an overview of the performance standards, including Competitive Integrated Employment, Community Inclusion, and use of Remote Support Technology.

ODP staff referenced the ISP Manual, which contains useful information on Remote Supports.

ODP also polled participants for questions such as the possibility of postponing Provider Tier assignments until March, and acceptable referral process for individuals in Needs Group 4.

No changes have been made at this time, but ODP is interested in feedback from stakeholders.

Providers are encouraged to attend all four sessions as well as watch a pre-recorded webinar. All of these recordings and resources can be found on theĀ MyODP website.