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AAW ACAP Restrictive Intervention Plan Indicator

ODP Announcement 20-084 serves to remind AAW and ACAP Behavior Specialists/Behavioral Health Specialists of the need to answer the restrictive procedure plan indicator in the Behavioral Support Plan (BSP), and to request that all existing BSPs are checked for accuracy of the indicator question.

A restrictive intervention is defined as a practice that:

  • “limits an individual’s movement, activity, or function;
  • interferes with an individual’s ability to acquire positive reinforcement;
  • results in the loss of objects or activities that an individual values; or
  • requires an individual to engage in a behavior that the individual would not engage in given freedom of choice.”

BSPs that incorporate such practices, or otherwise modify an individual’s rights as outlined in Chapter 6100 regulations, §6100.181 – 6100.183 (AAW) and the ACAP Agreement, Articles 2.2.I.1-3 and 2.2.J.1-9, require the development of a restrictive procedure plan that is reviewed and approved by the Human Rights Team (HRT).

Please confirm that there is appropriate documentation to demonstrate HRT approval before updating the BSP in HCSIS and answering the indicator question as “Yes.” ODP uses restrictive plan data for monitoring and reporting of performance measures, thus it is critical that the data is accurate.

BSASP requests that this activity is completed by 7/31/20. To confirm that this requested activity has been completed for all participants on your caseload, please use this link to attest to the completion and accuracy.

Please direct any questions related to this communication to the Provider Support Mailbox.