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As the state’s primary contractor for Medicaid-funded behavioral health (BH) care services (HealthChoices), Allegheny County DHS is responsible for $420M in state-managed care funding to deliver behavioral health services to approximately 260,000 county residents through its contracted partnership with Community Care Behavioral Health.

Historically, as the primary contractor to the state for the HealthChoices program, DHS has delegated its oversight and monitoring functions for this program to Allegheny Health Choices, Inc. (AHCI), and AHCI has done tremendous work helping the county to meet state obligations over the years. Increasingly however, the county has determined that making a structural change to bring monitoring and oversight in-house can streamline those functions and further strengthen the HC program for Allegheny County.

For this reason, the county, together with DHS, has made the decision to transition HealthChoices oversight and monitoring functions from AHCI to DHS, with expected changes to occur in the first quarter of 2023.

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