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Hole torn in a dollar bill with medicaid text

Excerpt from: Pennsylvania Capital-Star, Nov. 23, 2021

The Democratic Wolf administration says it wants to spend $1.2 billion in American Rescue Act funds to shore up home and community-based services offered through the state’s Medicaid program, all with an eye toward allowing more of the commonwealth’s residents to access services closer to home. On Monday, the administration dropped the formal details of a plan to direct the federal relief money toward seniors and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities; adults dealing with such behavioral health needs as substance abuse disorder or mental illness; and children with chronic and complex medical needs, the administration said in a statement.

In its statement, the administration said the money also would be used to pay for:

  • Increasing access to home and community-based services;
  • Providing necessary supplies to safely facilitate services;
  • Additional trainings and learning opportunities through workforce support;
  • Supporting families caring for their loved one;
  • Improving functional capabilities of people with disabilities;
  • Enhancing transitional supports; and
  • Home and community-based services capacity building.

RCPA continues its discussions and advocacy with the Department of Human Services on spending priorities for human services, especially initiatives targeting rate structures and the workforce crisis.