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Award Nominations

The Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Association (PRA) would like to encourage you to recognize an employee, boss, co-worker, organization, employer or individual who you feel is doing an outstanding job in the field of rehabilitation. Please read over the PRA Award categories. We would also like to highlight an additional award that was added a few years ago called the PRA Business Award to recognize employers who have demonstrated achievement in recruiting, hiring, and retaining persons with disabilities.

If you would like to submit a PRA Award nomination, please complete the nomination form and submit by email or mail by November 1 to:

Bonnie Bluett, Co-Chairperson
PRA Awards Committee
49 Park Street
Seven Valleys, PA 17360

If you look over our PRA Awards history on the PRA website, you will be inspired to see the names of so many dedicated rehabilitation professionals, and we would like to encourage you to recognize some additional candidates! If you have any questions, please call Bonnie Bluett at 717-515-4995. Thank you for taking the time to submit a nomination and recognize someone in the field of rehabilitation.

Bonnie Bluett, PRA Awards Co-Chairperson