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BAS clinical team webinars

The Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) has announced the schedule of upcoming trainings to be presented by the BAS Clinical Team in July, August, and September 2018. These trainings are primarily designed for AWW and ACAP providers. Some of the trainings are also open to providers serving individuals with autism in other programs, including the consolidated, P/FDS, and Community Living Waivers, and those are indicated on the announcement. Pre-registration is required for each session, and each will have its own unique registration link. Once you preregister, you will receive an email with instructions to participate including a new link to join the meeting.

Topics include: Incident Management Update and Technical Assistance Opportunity, Virtual Office Hours: Seek Technical Assistance for GAS, Working with Community Psychiatry, Using Risks as an Opportunity to Enhance Quality of Life and Learning, How to Guide Your Team When Feeling “Stuck,” Professional vs. Personal Boundaries, Vocational Profile: Training and Submission, and Structured Approach to Supporting Informed Choices.

For more information see BAS Communication Number: BAW18-16. For questions about this announcement, submit via email.