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The Department of Human Services (DHS) is implementing a number of measures related to services for children and adolescents with behavioral health needs. The full text of their announcement is available for review and a summary of key elements of the DHS action plans are highlighted below:


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

  • Concentrating efforts on the development of appropriate regulatory guidance for BHRS.
  • Established a work group that will review existing policies, bulletins, and data that will be used to draft the regulations by November 2016.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

  • Developed a two-year action plan to enhance access and quality of ABA services.
  • Will develop new requirements for the training, qualifications, skills, and experience of practitioners.
  • Issued bulletins clarifying the training requirements for TSS workers and newly licensed behavior specialists who use BSC-ASD services to provide ABA.
  • Issued a bulletin that provides guidelines to assess the medical necessity of ABA.


Behavior Specialist Licensure

  • Will send out guidance to accredited colleges and universities that are interested in developing graduate-level coursework or programs.
  • Will provide guidance for students on how they can satisfy the coursework and experience requirements while working towards their degree.