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The fate of the Build Back Better Act, which contains historic funding for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), became increasingly precarious after a series of events unfolded last week. Despite Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s aspirational plan to move the bill to the floor by Christmas, President Biden conceded that negotiations over the bill would continue into 2022 following stalled talks between the White House and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Please read the full correspondence here.

Message from ANCOR: 

The White House just released its framework for the Build Back Better Agenda this morning. The framework includes $150 billion for Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services. There is still no legislative text available for the budget reconciliation bill, which is how Congress will move forward this framework. Negotiations are still ongoing. We will continue to update you as we know more.

We are encouraged that reports indicate that HCBS funding will be included in the final bill. But we want to make sure we don’t let up on our advocacy in this final stretch!

Please join us TODAY as we participate in a Day of Action along with our coalition partners from disability, aging, and labor groups.

  • Please take action with our latest action alert and ask your members of Congress to support increased funding for HCBS. And please continue to share this widely with your networks!
  • Take a moment to engage on social media. You can tweet your members of Congress by using the directory linked here. Sample social media posts are below.

Here are some sample tweets you can use:

  • #Medicaid #HCBS is key to including ppl w/ #disabilities in the community, but the direct support workforce is in crisis. Read more from ANCOR about this devastating crisis and why #CareCantWait:bit.ly/3ASgUH9
  • Funding for home & community-based services is essential to the health and well-being of people w/ disabilities, but the #HCBS direct care workforce has been underfunded for too long. Congress must invest now because #CareCantwait bit.ly/3ASgUH9
  • Without funding for #Medicaid #HCBS, it’s only a matter of time before people w/ disabilities completely lose access to the options and resources needed to remain in their homes and in the community. Fund HCBS because #CareCantWait
  • 81% of American voters support increased funding for home & community-based services. Support funding for #Medicaid #HCBS now. #CareCantWait
  • “We have to look at how we are going to provide services for our most vulnerable adults and children in the coming decades, and we need to create a long-term, sustainable solution for that.” #HCBSCantWait bit.ly/3jDoS0b
  • Please support including HCBS funding in the Build Back Better Act to ensure people w/ disabilities & their families do not lose access to the options and resources needed to remain in their homes and in the community. #CareCantWait
  • Congress must include funding for HCBS in the budget reconciliation bill. People like Brandon depend on it. #HCBSCantWait RT twitter.com/POTUS/status/1451544259992203266

You are also encouraged to tweet your own stories. Below are additional hashtags to use:

  • #CareCantWait
  • #BuildBackBetter
  • #HCBSCantWait

We also wanted to make sure we shared with you ANCOR’s letter sent to Congressional leadership yesterday in a final push to support increased funding for HCBS.

Thanks for all of your hard work and please keep it going!

Here are the resources from the White House:


The Build Back Better Framework: President Biden’s Plan to Rebuild the Middle Class

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