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Bureau of Community Supports

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is pleased to announce that Lauren House will be joining the ODP team July 26, 2021 as the Director for the Bureau of Community Supports. Lauren comes to the Commonwealth from her position as the Deputy Administrator for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Chester County.

She started in the human services field in 2009 and has spent the last decade working to support individuals and families to access needed services and improve the quality of those same service systems. She has done this through working with youth living in out-of-home placement, managing one of the Lehigh Valley’s largest children’s behavioral health outpatient programs, serving in the Administrative Entity of two counties, managing a county Supports Coordination Organization, and, her most current role, leading the county intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) program.

Lauren has completed several certifications and trainings through the Office of Developmental Programs, including the department’s Quality Management Certification, and is a Certified Investigator.

Lauren holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in public administration, both from Penn State University.