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Care Integration Discussion Series

Physical, Mental and Emotional words on a venn diagram to illustrate total balance of mind, body and soul or spirit health and wellbeing

As the behavioral health field continues to move in the direction of integration efforts with physical health, RCPA is embarking on a series of discussions/webinars for 2023. Specifically, to inform our members, we want an open discussion on a range of topics such as:

  • Best practices in integration of care and current successes;
  • Clinical and financial implications;
  • Payer and provider vantage points;
  • How managed care models can evolve to support this effort and overcome barriers;
  • Future innovations;
  • Regulatory reform needed; and
  • Standards, consistency, accountability, and meaningful VBP models.

We would envision speakers from the BH-MCOs, Counties and primary contractors, legislators, providers, the administration, national groups (e.g., National Council, other states), and others.  This would culminate in a discussion at the RCPA Annual Conference in October.

We want the discussion to be an interesting and thought-provoking dialogue and to bring in speakers from a number of perspectives. We hope you will join in the discussion, and information on our first presentation will be coming out shortly. Please contact RCPA if you have ideas for topics or presenters as well.