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Earn the Designation of Certified Employment Support Professionals (CESP™)
by Passing the National CESP™ Examination

Hawley, PA Exam (information/registration links)
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wyomissing, PA Exam (information/registration links)
Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Job Coaches • Job Developers • Transition Employment Specialists • Job Placement Specialists • Employment Specialists/Consultants • Employment Managers and/or Directors

What is CESP™ Certification?

  • CESP™ certification is a national credential for Employment Support Professionals who assist people with disabilities in finding and maintaining regular, community-based employment.
  • The CESP™ credential is earned by passing a comprehensive examination based onnational standardized competencies.
  • CESP™ certification is a complement to program certification and licensing, demonstrating a level of professionalism has been achieved.
  • The CESP™ certification is a national, portable, individual credential that remains valid for three years.

What are the Benefits of EARNING THE CESP™ Credential?

  • CESP™ certification opens the door to: improved professional advancement & job opportunities, increased income opportunities, and enhanced credibility with employers
  • Become a member of a rapidly growing, elite group of professionals:

• Reduced APSE membership fee
• National networking opportunities
• Exclusive access to CESP ™ publications & webinars
• A professional credential — not just a certificate of completion
• CESP™ Meet-ups
• CESP™ LinkedIn Group
• Your name listed on the APSE website
• Recognized as a leader in your field