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Chapter 6100 regulation package

Today the long awaited Chapter 6100 regulation package has been sent in final form to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC). It is anticipated that an IRRC public meeting for the regulation package will be held on October 18, 2018. Everyone that commented is receiving a copy either via email or hard copy; also the whole regulatory package can be accessed here. This should also be posted on the IRRC website sometime next week.

Here are some tips for reading the regulations:

Chapter 6100 — underlines are the additions from the proposed rulemaking; [brackets] are the deletions from the proposed rulemaking.

Chapters 2380, 2390, 6400, 6500 — (four codes appear) underlines are the proposed additions from the current regulation; [brackets] are the proposed deletions from the current regulation; UPPERCASES are the final additions from the proposed rulemaking; strikethroughs are the final deletions from the proposed rulemaking.

We plan to have an opportunity to review the regulation package with ODP representatives at our upcoming IDD Division meeting on September 13.
Contact Carol Ferenz, RCPA IDD Division Director, with any questions.