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CPS Transportation Trip Providers Update

To: Providers of CPS and Transport-Trip Services

In the coming week, ODP will begin allowing providers to submit information on their fixed costs to be considered for potential reimbursement. In preparation for this, providers who wish to be considered should begin gathering the following information: estimated CPS revenue 1/1/21–6/30/21, estimated transport trip revenue 1/1/21–6/30/21, estimated fixed costs 1/1/21–6/30/21 for building related expenses (lease/mortgage, utilities, insurance, and maintenance), and vehicle related expenses (lease/depreciation, insurance, and maintenance). We will also ask for actual fixed costs for the period 7/1/19–6/30/20 for the same categories.

We recognize that this is not a comprehensive list of the fixed costs you may incur, but is meant to capture the significant ones consistently across providers. We will collect this information via an online survey over the course of a few weeks. Upon analyzing the submitted information and available funding, providers could expect to receive reimbursement for some or all of these costs in the form of a gross adjustment issued prior to the end of May.

Rick Smith l Director
PA Department of Human Services l Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support
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