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Early Intervention System

In Pennsylvania, approximately 21,000 babies and their mothers are affected by postpartum depression each year. In January, Representative Schlossberg, with the #StrongMomStrongBaby coalition and Representative Tarah Toohil, re-introduced Pennsylvania HB 200 to support mothers facing postpartum depression and their babies through the state’s Early Intervention System. The legislation would make developmental assessments, follow-up services, and if needed, early intervention services available to mothers and their babies. This Thursday, April 27, a group of Pennsylvania legislators and health care experts come together at the Lehigh Valley Hospital to host a public panel discussion to address questions surrounding postpartum depression and early childhood development. The experts on the panel will discuss their current work with perinatal depression, developmental delays among infants, and early intervention services. Medical and mental health professionals are welcome to attend this event and can RSVP attendance on Facebook or by emailing Sara Gouldman.