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Electronic Visit Verification Training

ODP Announcement 19-120 shares that EVV training registration is now open for providers, provider agencies, and AWCs who will use the DHS Sandata EVV system and that ODP-specific EVV technical guidance is also now available.

Training in the DHS sponsored Sandata EVV system is required in order for service providers electing to use the system to gain access to it. Further, only after the DHS sponsored Sandata EVV system training is completed will login credentials facilitating full use the system be made available to training registrants. These login credentials may be shared in support of business needs as appropriate by service provider personnel completing the training.

Training on the use the DHS sponsored Sandata EVV system is now available in three formats. Please use this Sandata EVV Classroom Training Registration Link to register for any of the training formats. Providers may elect any of the three training formats to meet the requirements. Please refer to the PA EVV Agency Provider Training Registration Quick Reference Guide included with this announcement for further information.

For any questions you have concerning registration for any of these training sessions, please contact Pennsylvania EVV Support Hotline at 1-800-248-2152.

Available on the DHS EVV website is a new resource for ODP-specific EVV technical guidance. The DHS EVV Technical Guidance document is included with this announcement and is also available via this link.