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The following updates have been released regarding the Personal Care Home (PCH) and Assisted Living Residence (ALR) ListServs:

  • As of 6/22/2022, the PCH and ALR ListServ(s) have been merged. This action was taken in order to maintain consistency and streamline the flow of information, as well as to decrease duplicate emails in your inbox.
  • As of 6/22/2022, all provider emails will be subscribed to the ListServ. Please maintain your subscription and ensure that your email servers are set up to accept emails from OLTL-ADULT-RESIDENTIAL-LICENSING@LISTSERV.DPW.STATE.PA.US, as well as emails from PA.GOV addresses.
  • Archives from the previous ListServ(s) can be accessed by visiting:
  • If we are unable to maintain email contact, you will undoubtedly miss information that is crucial to the operation of your facility. Any changes to facility administrator or email contact information should be reported to your regional office or to PWARL Headquarters.
  • Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the ListServ may do so by visiting OLTL Adult Residential Licensing ListServ.

Questions about this information should be addressed by calling the Operator Support Hotline at 866-503-3926 or by email.

**This communication was originally sent on 6/9/2022, but due to technical issues, the actions outlined below were not completed until 6/21/2022.**