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Housing Right

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) wishes to share this survey on housing from PA Family Network to all families, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities.

They will be using the information gathered from this survey to build content for the program “Housing Myth Busting.” The program’s goal is to provide accurate information that shows people with disabilities and their families that there are viable options that provide choice and control outside of residential settings. You can take the survey here.

Living where you choose and with whom you choose is a basic human right, yet policies and practices are still in place that prevent people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities from living in their own home. Secure, safe, and stable housing is vital to helping all people thrive, no matter their circumstances. By looking at the intersections of Housing, Disability, and the Medicaid Waiver System, we can promote awareness and education, ultimately expanding choice and control in housing for all people with Intellectual Disabilities.

This is part of a grant and is made possible by the PADDC Council.