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National Core Indicators Staff Stability Survey

This is a reminder that ODP is requesting providers to identify a point person to complete the National Core Indicators Staff Stability Survey for 2020. Please complete this survey by March 15.

This survey will take less than a minute to complete.

If your agency has already returned the information, thank you. See the original communication below for more information:

Good morning:

Pennsylvania will once again be participating in the National Core Indicators Staff Stability Survey for 2020. There will be further information forthcoming on this critical survey, but initially, we are attempting to provide the cleanest possible contact list to the survey organizers to ensure a robust, statistically significant response rate from ODP providers. We expect the survey to be open for completion during the months of April and May.

As background, you can find previous years’ reports here. We are asking that each provider agency identify an email and phone number for the appropriate person to complete the survey. This would typically be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Finance/Payroll, or Human Resources (HR) professional.

You can identify the appropriate person using this link. This contact survey will be available until March 15. If you do not provide an updated contact point, it would be our intention to use your Act 24 reporting contact as the initial contact for your agency. This can always be changed later, but it will be more efficient to identify the correct respondent up front. There can only be one identified reporting email per agency (MPI). Thank you in advance for your attention.

Rick Smith  l  Director
PA Department of Human Services  l  Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support
625 Forster Street Room 412  l  Harrisburg, PA 17120
www.dhs.pa.gov  www.myodp.org