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OCYF Certification Process for Specialized Residential Settings

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This OCYF transmittal bulletin provides the application timeframe for voluntary certification in State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020–21, and application periods that will be offered prior to the start of each subsequent state fiscal year.

The timelines established for the voluntary certification process for SFY 2021–22 and beyond allow private agencies to engage in conversations with the potential contracting County Children and Youth Agencies (CCYAs) and Juvenile Probation Offices (JPOs) prior to the submission of the Needs-Based Plan and Budget (NBPB) on August 15, before the start of the SFY for which the certification is being requested.

This step is critical, as private agencies should gauge county agency interest in these services as part of the determination to pursue certification. In addition, private agencies may anticipate increased costs to meet the enhanced program standards. County agencies utilize the annual NBPB process to request reimbursement of allowable child welfare expenses so anticipated increases for private agencies should be considered at that time.

The steps outlined in this transmittal must be completed for a 55 Pa. Code Chapter 3800 licensed child residential facility or Chapter 3680 SIL program to be considered for certification as a specialized setting. All information is to be included as part of the letter of intent and application packet and submitted via email so that the certification review can be assigned to the appropriate OCYF Regional Office. If you have questions, please contact RCPA Children’s Division Director Jim Sharp.