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ODP Administrative Review Process

ODP has announced the creation and posting of the Administrative Review Process Manual as a tool for Administrative Review Committees, upcoming Q&A sessions, and that a revised version of the Certified Investigation Report (CIR) is now available.

The purpose of the Administrative Review Committee is to ensure that the management of an organization “is responsible for validating the investigation, determining the final conclusions, outcomes, and recommendations for corrective action.” Therefore, all organizations that complete investigations (i.e. Providers, Supports Coordination Organizations [SCOs], etc.) under the ODP Certified Investigator Program, are responsible for having an Administrative Review Committee.

The Administrative Review Committee is an essential part of the final stage of the investigatory process (Stage 4 – Conclusion of the Investigation). Results of the Administrative Review Committee are documented in Section V of the Certified Investigator Report (CIR) titled Administrative Review, Findings, Recommendations, and Implementation.

The items listed below were created to support ODP entities in the completion of the Administrative Review Process.

Administrative Review Manual Revisions:
ODP has revised the Administrative Review Process manual to ensure Administrative Review Committees have clear and consistent direction regarding: who should be a part of the Administrative Review Committee, what functions should be completed by the committee, and where to find the information needed to complete the Administrative Review Form.

Specifically, organizations are responsible for developing and implementing sound, competent investigatory and incident management practices to assure compliance with standards set forth by ODP. The manual will address the following processes associated with investigations:

  1. Assessing the investigation prior to conclusion for errors in managing evidence;
  2. Evaluating the quality of the investigation for speed, objectivity, and thoroughness;
  3. Applying rules used to reconcile conflicting evidence to determine the preponderance of evidence in investigations;
  4. Understanding and applying the terms Confirmed, Inconclusive, and Not Confirmed when concluding a certified investigation;
  5. Determining the necessary corrective actions (preventative and additional) as a result of the conclusions drawn from the certified investigation; and
  6. Guidance for point persons about appropriate placement of information into the Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) system related to the investigation.*

The Admin Review Manual can be found on the MyODP.org website.

All ODP entities should replace older versions of the Administrative Review Manual with the new version. This will ensure that all entities are using consistent practices when completing the Administrative Review Process.

Administrative Review Q&A Sessions:
To provide guidance to ODP Stakeholders regarding completion of the Administrative Review process, and to answer questions that stakeholders may have regarding the new manual, ODP has partnered with Temple University to host Question and Answer (Q&A) Sessions. Attendees have the opportunity to submit questions before the session and also ask questions during the sessions. These Q&A sessions are now posted on MyODP.

Updates to the Certified Investigator Report:
As a result of the development of the Administrative Review Process Manual, there have been slight modifications made to the Certified Investigator Report (CIR) Section V. In Section V, Question #4 was modified, while Question #6b has been added. These changes were made to clarify what the Administrative Review Committee should look for while reviewing the Certified Investigators Report. All versions of the CIR have been changed (i.e. CIR in the Certified Investigator Manual, CIR posted on the myODP website, and the CIR sections reflected in the Administrative Review Manual). The new form can be found via this link.

If you have any questions regarding the Administrative Review Process, Q&A sessions, or other information in this manual, please contact Sarah Naughton or Amy Hines.