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ODP Announcement 049-16

ODP Announcement 049-16: QM Certification Fall Registration Now Open and Fall 2016 registration; ODP has been offering training on quality management practices on an ongoing basis since 2003. In order to support moving the system forward in partnership and collaboration, ODP is now offering its staff and stakeholders an opportunity to become ODP QM Certified. In November 2015, ODP announced (Announcement 105-15) the availability of the ODP QM Mailbox. ODP staff and stakeholders were encouraged to send their interest in becoming certified to ODP and begin to complete the prerequisites. Since that time, ODP has heard from over 160 interested parties and the list continues to grow. This announcement includes information about the fall 2016 classes, the registration process, and the deadline for submission of the application, which is August 15, 2016. A registration form is available as well.