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ODP announcement 19-138

ODP Announcement 19-138 provides guidance to providers regarding the process ODP staff will utilize in making a determination for Approved Program Capacity (APC) and Noncontiguous Clearance through the updated form.

Since the release of the Request for APC and Noncontiguous Clearance form and instructions with ODP Communication 071-18, additional changes have been made to align with requirements in the Consolidated, P/FDS, and Community Living Waivers, as well as changes in regulatory requirements. Specifically, the form and instructions have been updated to include requests for Reserved Capacity as enumerated in 55 Pa. Code §6100.55. In addition, the Request for APC and Noncontiguous Location Clearance form has been streamlined based on feedback from providers, and now captures whether providers are completing the form for revalidation purposes where APC documentation is required.

ODP also has developed the following documents for use in coordination with this policy.

This communication obsoletes:

  • ODP Informational Packet 028-15, Changes to the Approved Program Capacity Process Resulting from the Provider Settlement Agreement; and
  • ODP Announcement 071-18, Request for Approved Program Capacity and Noncontiguous Clearance.

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