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ODP Certified Investigator Courses and Peer Review Course

ODP Announcement 19-038 provides information to register for the Initial Certified Investigator Courses through 2019 and for the Certified Investigator Peer Review Course for Spring 2019.

The Initial Certification Course is a four-day, face-to-face module that was created to ensure all incidents that require an investigation, receive a systematic investigation that meets established standards. In order to perform investigations, the investigator must successfully complete all requirements under the ODP CI Training. The Initial Certification Course consists of three parts:

1. Online Prerequisite course
2. 4 days of face-to-face training
3. Online exam

Once all activities are completed within the current standards, the participant will be certified for 3 years. Register here for the Initial Certified Investigator courses and to obtain certification.

The Peer Review Course was created to support the Peer Review Process. The Peer Review Process is an ongoing evaluation process that is designed to provide information about the overall quality of incident investigations to an organization. The primary objective of the Peer Review Process is to ensure a continued quality improvement of investigatory practices. To support ODP stakeholders in the implementation of the Peer Review practices, ODP along with Temple University has created a Peer Review Course. The Peer Review Course is a 3½-hour, face-to-face training. Register here for the Certified Investigator Peer Review course.

For assistance with registration, please contact support@myodp.org.
For questions regarding the course or its topic, please contact sarah.naughton@temple.edu.