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ODP Clarifies Reporting of COVID-19

ODP Announcement 20-049 combines established guidance for reporting cases of COVID-19 with new

guidance on contact tracing and requesting PPE. ODP remains committed to keeping stakeholders informed with the latest information and practice guidance, necessitated by the evolving guidance from both federal and state government.

This announcement also gives more detailed information to assist stakeholders about the reporting/requesting process including a table to use as a quick reference that outlines activities, actions, and stakeholders for whom this applies when reporting COVID-19 cases and requesting PPE.

When ODP-licensed settings/providers experience a critical need for obtaining PPE, they should collect the information on the attached “Critical PPE Needs Assessment Questionnaire v.3 4.21” form and send it as an attachment to this email.

Questions about this Announcement can be directed to the ODP Regulatory Administration Unit.