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ODP CPS provider survey

Today — Friday, August 2 — ODP staff emailed a survey to providers of CPS. It is very important that providers complete the survey to the best of your ability in order to document actual costs of providing CPS.

The email states, “ODP and the Community Participation Support (CPS) Implementation Workgroup are seeking your input on the enclosed survey questions. These questions are intended to inform rate assumptions associated with CPS provided in licensed facilities in response to concerns raised during the public comment period for the Final Fee-schedule Rates for FY 19/20. We are requesting survey responses by August 11, 2019. Thank you for your participation.”

We have learned that some members discovered the email in their spam or junk email, so please be aware that it was sent. The email came from Ashley Senoski — c-asenoski@pa.gov — and the subject line is: “Current ODP Providers of Facility-based Community Participation Supports.”

If you are a provider of facility-based Community Participation Supports and did not receive the survey to complete, please contact Ashley at the email address above.