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SCO Issues

  • ISP Checklist
    At the IDD Committee on June 11, ODP’s Patty McCool reported on the Futures Planning Work Groups and an issue specific to Work Group #5, Simplifying the System, related to the ISP Checklist. RCPA is asking its SCO members to share what works with the current ISP Checklist, what doesn’t work, and recommendations for changes. Please submit your recommendations to Linda Drummond by June 23, which will then be shared with ODP.
  • Cycle 5 Monitoring: ODP’s Sonya Hipple was asked about the timeframe for released of the Cycle 5 SCO monitoring sample; it will be released in either late June or early July on the SCO Docushare website.

ODP Update
The Office of Developmental Programs has released the following information:

  • Informational Packet #046-15: Agency with Choice Financial Management Services Wage Ranges and Benefit Allowance and Corresponding Department Established Fees for Specific Participant Direct Services Effective July 1.