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ODP Guidelines for Camera and Video Use in Residential Settings

ODP has developed guidelines for residential settings that are licensed by ODP. The use of cameras in these settings has become more common with the advancements in technology and various stakeholder concerns. Providers may desire the use of cameras in order to ensure that staff are performing their duties as expected, and they can also serve as a record that could be useful in completing investigations. The data could help to clear a staff of wrongdoing, or provide valuable documentation of abuse. Individuals and their families may desire cameras in a home as a way to monitor the well-being of their family member and could assist in increasing independence opportunities.

The use of cameras in a residential setting presents challenges to a provider to balance the right to privacy with the benefit of having cameras located in the setting. ODP has developed an 11-step method for evaluating whether camera use constitutes a privacy violation to ensure fairness and consistency in applying regulatory requirements.

It is recommended that providers contract ODP for technical assistance and support when faced with a scenario that may constitute a privacy violation.