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ODP Human Rights Webcasts

With the recent release of Bulletin 00-21-01 Guidance for Human Rights Teams and Human Rights Committees, ODP is making available a 4-part webcast series titled Human Rights In Depth, which provides additional information and support for stakeholders involved in implementing the guidance and requirements related to individual rights and restrictive procedures.

ODP is not requiring a specific timeframe for completion of the webcasts; however, it is recommended that all of the webcasts be viewed, with priority placed on the first one, which is an introduction to the concept of individual rights and its importance to our community.

ODP Announcement 21-023 provides more detail regarding these courses.  Also, please visit MyODP using the following link to access the webcasts and webcast versions in PDF format. To receive a certificate, you will be required to view all four webcasts, complete a training confirmation, and pass the course post-test.

Course: Human Rights and Restrictive Procedures: Human Rights in Depth (myodp.org)

For questions please email: RA-PWODP_OUTREACH@pa.gov.