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ODP has announced that Medication Administration trainers can now request training aids, including a document with links to the Medication Administration webcasts, transcripts for each lesson, a copy of quizzes, and a quiz answer key. Similar training aids also are available for the Practicum Observer course. This method of access can be used by Medication Administration Course Trainers instead of using Matrainer Dashboard Course set up and online Mastudent Course Administration.

There have been numerous requests to allow more flexibility in providing the Medication Administration Training Course to unlicensed staff learning to pass medications. Trainers will now be able to request a document, which contains links to the medication administration webcasts and transcripts for each lesson. There is a similar set of documents available for the Practicum Observer course. Additionally, trainers will receive a copy of quizzes and a quiz answer key. This permission is temporary. Once there is a new online version of the Medication Administration Training Course available, this permission will be rescinded.

ODP Announcement 19-006 provides the detailed information regarding accessing copies of the course material and quizzes as well as the process for training staff who are taking the training.

ODP will also be offering face-to-face classes in the Spring of 2019.

Class requirements:

  • The trainer candidate must already have registered for and completed the required online modules.
  • The trainer candidate must have successfully completed all 10 quizzes with an 80% or higher.
  • The trainer candidate must have successfully completed all exams (multiple choice and written documentation), with an overall course average of 90% or higher.
  • A trainer candidate will automatically attain access to select an available face-to-face class, once he or she has successfully completed all of the above.
  • There is no additional charge to attend the face-to-face class. It is part of the original fee.
  • The face-to-face class is required for new trainers as well as for recertifying trainers.

The face-to-face training date and location may be selected by returning to this website. The full address of the class location will be provided, once you have successfully completed the exams. If you need to change a class date after you have already registered, please contact the helpdesk.

Please do not contact the facility for information. If you have questions about arrival times, parking, assignments, handouts, etc., please contact the Meds Admin Help Desk Portal listed in the above announcement.

Note: Classes are assigned on a first come, first-served basis, based on when you successfully complete your exams. There is a finite number of seats in each class and some classes do fill up. Some class locations may be cancelled, if enrollment is too low.