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ODP Proposed Agency With Choice Bulletin

ODP Announcement 19-118 announces the release of the proposed Participant-Directed Services: Agency with Choice Financial Management Services Model Bulletin for review and comment. Participant Direction, also known as self-direction, is available to provide participants and surrogates with a high level of choice and control over their services and supports.

One of ODP’s Participant Direction options is Agency with Choice (AWC). In this model, the AWC is a Medical Assistance provider enrolled as a provider of ODP waiver services; the participant acts as a Managing Employer who directs the provision of waiver services provided by Support Service Professionals. The Managing Employer and the AWC enter into a joint-employment arrangement that specifies the roles and responsibilities of both the AWC and the Managing Employer.

There have been significant changes in ODP’s waivers, regulations, and structure in the 11 years since ODP’s expectations for AWC were established. The proposed bulletin updates and modernizes ODP’s expectations for AWC operation to reflect contemporary practices in service delivery.

A comment sheet has been developed to allow commenters to document feedback and suggested revisions to the proposed bulletin.

Comment forms may be sent as an email attachment to ODP’s Participant Direction Administration Unit. If submitting comments by email, please write the following in the subject line: Proposed AWC Bulletin Comments.

Comments may also be sent by traditional mail to:
Participant Direction Administration Unit
Attention: Ms. Pamela Bell
Office of Developmental Programs
Department of Human Services
Room 411, Health and Welfare Building
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

Comments will be accepted until 5:00 pm on October 10, 2019. The bulletin will be modified as appropriate based on the feedback received and published for immediate implementation. Contact RCPA IDD Division Director Carol Ferenz with questions.