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ODP provider contact information CARES Act

The following is a reminder for ODP Providers who received Act 24 CARES Funding. As noted below, ODP Providers who received Act 24 CARES Funding will be required to submit cost reports on the use of those funds. As of August 25, ODP has received valid contact information from 244 providers through the questionpro survey.

There were 788 ODP providers who received CARES funding, so there are 544 remaining providers who must submit contact information prior to August 31, 2020. If your MPI is on this list, you have not yet submitted valid contact information. Also as a reminder, providers who do not utilize or report on the use of the funding will be required to return the funds to the Commonwealth. Questions regarding this communication can be addressed to Rick Smith.

Original communication sent August 11:

As outlined in the DHS FAQ document, providers who received CARES funding will be expected to submit a cost report detailing the use of funds. The cost report process is being developed by DHS and it is anticipated to be a web-based platform. As such, each provider will need to designate one individual responsible for submitting the cost reports. There will likely be two submissions required; one interim report in September and one final report prior to the end of the calendar year. In order to prepare user credentials for this online system, ODP is asking each provider to submit the name and email of the individual responsible for submitting your agencies’ report. Prior to August 31, 2020, please complete the short questionpro survey with the following information: Provider MPI, provider name, name of individual submitting cost report, and email address. Further information on the cost reporting process will be forthcoming from DHS.

Thank you.

Rick Smith l Director
PA Department of Human Services l Office of Developmental Programs
Bureau of Financial Management and Program Support