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ODP Provider Staff COVID-19 Tracking Forms

ODP Announcement 20-071 provides updated information regarding the use of the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) database to track suspected and confirmed staff COVID-19 cases in PA. Effective June 10, ODP is transitioning to a web-based tool that will serve as the method for providers to report and track suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst staff. Each provider has been asked to name a primary and secondary contact who will be given access to complete the tracking tool and utilize available reporting features. Reporting to the HRS system replaces the previous mandate to report to the RA account. It is not necessary to report previously reported cases to the new HRS system; however, any outstanding reports dated prior to June 10 should still be submitted to the RA account.

If your provider agency currently utilizes the HRST, and your designated Primary and Secondary contacts are already HRST users, the tracking form functionality will be made available in their existing accounts. If your provider agency does not currently utilize the HRST, your designated Primary and Secondary contacts will have accounts created for them with access granted to only the tracking form functionality. The PA Staff COVID 19 User Guide provides additional information for agency contacts. HRST web address: https://paodp.hrstapp.com/.