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ODP QA&I Contact Information

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Announcement 19-071 is intended to instruct Administrative Entities (AEs), Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) and providers on how to review and submit updates to their entity’s primary and secondary contact information for the Quality Assessment & Improvement (QA&I) Process. To ensure information regarding the QA&I Process is received by all entities, ODP has created the QA&I Contact List which has been posted on the MyODP Training & Resource Center. The document is posted in the “QAI Contact List” section at the following path on MyODP: Resources > ODP Information > QA&I Process.

The identified contact person(s) is the individual(s) whom the entity has designated to receive specific information related to the QA&I Process. Information shall include any unique electronic hyperlinks, access to QA&I Process specific information, ongoing direction and communication from ODP or the AE regarding the QA&I Process, etc.

Please note that the primary contacts identified by each entity will be the individual persons receiving the electronic hyperlink for completion of the self-assessments. For AEs conducting Provider and Agency with Choice (AWC) Financial Management Services (FMS) QA&I onsite reviews, the primary contact will receive the unique hyperlinks necessary to access the tool for completion of onsite review activities. Please review the document posted on MyODP and submit any changes by using the ODP Quality Assessment & Improvement Contact Form.

Changes can be submitted throughout the QA&I year. ODP will post an updated version of the QA&I Contact List spreadsheet at least every two weeks during the months of June to August, and the last Friday of the month during the months of September to May.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the entity to ensure that this information remains up to date. Please direct any inquiries, issues or concerns regarding this communication to the QA&I Process mailbox. If there are any questions related to the QA&I Process, please contact the appropriate staff found in the “QA&I ODP Contacts” file. This communication obsoletes ODP Announcement 056-18.