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ODP Qualification Process for New Providers

ODP Announcement 19-044 serves to communicate the process for Administrative Entities (AEs) to validate that new Provider Applicants have satisfied all Provider Qualification requirements effective April 1, 2019. (Announcement 084-18 Revised Qualification Process for New Providers will become obsolete as of the date of this publication.)

In order to become a qualified provider of Consolidated, P/FDS and Community Living Waivers, applicants must complete ODP Provider Qualification Form DP 1059 and submit required provider qualification documentation designated for new provider applicants. CEOs of provider applicants must successfully complete ODP Provider Orientation training, which includes pre-registration module webcasts and a full day face-to-face classroom session. Upon completion of each training component, the CEO must pass a post-test to earn and be issued a Certificate of Achievement.

New Provider Process flowchart and process step tools for licensed and unlicensed services are available for provider applicants on MyODP. New provider applicants must review all source documents referenced within ODP’s New Provider Self-Assessment Tool. While completing the tool, the provider applicant shall ensure that all policies, procedures, processes, and/or protocols are developed and aligned with ODP requirements. The Assigned Administrative Entity (AE) will validate the documentation that applicants submit with the New Provider Self-Assessment Tool. The Assigned AE is the AE within the county where the provider applicant intends to serve the most individuals.

CEOs of new provider applicants must sign the ODP Waiver Provider Agreement (available on the HCSIS homepage) and submit via email. ODP will return the agreement with a stamp of approval in the upper right corner of the front page. If further information is required, the provider will be notified. Likewise, if a provider is not approved, they will receive written notice.

New provider applicants wishing to be qualified for Residential Habilitation, Lifesharing, and Supported Living are required to earn and submit a Certificate of Completion for the ODP Dual Diagnoses Training available on MyODP to their Assigned AE with other required documentation. This training must be completed by the CEO of the provider applicant.

All required documentation and timeframes are outlined in ODP Announcement 19-044. The provider must register their services in HCSIS (see HCSIS Tip Sheet) and may begin to provide qualified services only after an AE has authorized it to do so in an Individual Support Plan.