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ODP Regulation Update

ODP Announcement 21-034 provides updated clarifications on annual training requirements in 55 Pa. Code Chapters 2380, 2390, 6100, 6400, and 6500. In addition, this communication announces the development of a Question and Answer (Q&A) document regarding regulatory orientation and annual training requirements. ODP has developed the first version of an orientation and annual training Q&A document based on questions submitted. The Q&A document will be continually updated and is available here.

Orientation and Annual Training Decision Trees ODP has developed a decision tree for orientation and a decision tree for annual training to assist providers and Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) in understanding which positions are required by 55 Pa. Code Chapters 2380, 2390, 6100, and/or 6400 to complete orientation and annual training. A link to these documents is also contained in the Q&A document.

Questions regarding this communication should be submitted here.