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ODP Announcement 20-101 UPDATE provides guidance regarding temporary closure of Older Adult Daily Living Centers, Structured Day Programs, LIFE Day Centers, Adult Training Facilities, and Vocational Facilities related to the community spread of COVID-19 or when more than one individual or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent 15 minutes or more in the facility within a 24 hour period starting 2 days prior to symptom/illness onset, or for asymptomatic individuals, 2 days prior to the test specimen collection date, until the time the person is isolated. Additionally, this announcement describes the process for reopening facilities using the Community Participation Support and Older Adult Facility Reopening Tool and provides guidance for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in facilities.

Changes in the guidance include consideration of the amount of participants and staff who have been fully vaccinated. Providers may not require that a program participant be vaccinated to receive services.