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Office of Developmental Programs VTT and VOH

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is pleased to announce the schedule of virtual trainings and virtual office hours during the months of January, February, and March 2019. This represents an alignment of the training schedule for both the Bureau of Community Services (BCS) and Bureau of Autism Services, and the trainings are designed for both, with specific content for administrative entities (AEs), supports coordination organizations (SCOs) and agencies, other service providers, and other professionals supporting individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities.

Please note that beginning in February, ODP will offer one targeted session for BCS AEs and SCOs, but those entities may also benefit from attending other non-targeted topic sessions, and are encouraged to review the scheduled options.

Pre-registration is required for each session you want to attend. ODP uses GoToWebinar for Virtual Targeted Trainings (VTTs). Each scheduled VTT offered will have its own unique registration link. The links are available in the ODP Announcement 19-002. To register for trainings and virtual office hours that you plan to attend, click on the linked title of the training or virtual office hours. Once you preregister, you will receive an email with instructions to participate, including a new link to join the meeting.

It is recommended that you register in advance to ensure you receive the meeting reminder.

Please note: Attendees will have the option to call into the webinar by phone, in addition to participating online and using the chat feature.

Virtual Office Hours (VOH)

  • Interactive dialogue opportunity to field questions related to a specific topic
  • Not recorded or posted
  • One-time opportunity to participate live

Virtual Targeted Training (VTT)

  • Traditional virtual training presented using a PowerPoint (lecture format)
  • Will be recorded and posted
  • Little to no opportunity to answer questions unless time permits at the end

For questions about this announcement, email: MyODP Training.