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PPE memo from ODP

On behalf of Douglas Trahey, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator/COOP Coordinator for ODP:

There are significant PPE supply shortages nationwide. Providers should continually be checking with vendors and retailers both online and brick-and-mortar to check on resource availability.

The resource request process direction provided by DHS and PEMA is for providers to contact their county emergency management agency (EMA) and submit a resource request. If the county cannot fill the resource request it will be forwarded to PEMA by the county EMA. Attached is the list of county EMC contacts provided by PEMA and directions to submit a resource request. In the directions is a link to a fillable resource request form to submit. Providers should contact their county EMA for assistance in submitting the resource request.

Douglas Trahey | HSPS – Emergency Preparedness Coordinator/COOP Coordinator
Department of Human Services
Office of Developmental Programs
Deputy Secretary’s Office
Room 502 | Health & Welfare Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: 717.857.3173 | Work Cell: 717.856.8677 | Fax: 717.787.6583