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Pre-Employment Transition Services

RCPA partnered with the Pennsylvania Client Assistance Program, PA APSE, and PAR to send a letter to OVR Acting Executive Director Ryan Hyde, Labor and Industry Secretary Jerry Oleksiak, Governor’s Secretary of Legislative Affairs Will Danowski, and Governor’s Secretary of Policy Meg Snead, expressing our serious concern regarding the January 10 memo, as well as actions taken by various OVR district offices, affecting funding of Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) in calendar year 2019.

Many providers of PETS services have reported the loss of funding for programs that were in place or about to launch at the beginning of 2019. This action has had a negative impact on a large number of students across the Commonwealth, as well as schools, teachers, families, and providers of services who have invested time and resources.

View a copy of the letter and impact statements. Contact RCPA IDD Division Director Carol Ferenz with questions.