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Provider Reports and Profiles Update

ODP Announcement 21-037 is to notify ODP Residential Service Providers that provider-level Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) reports and provider profiles will not be issued with 2019–2020 data.

Historically, following the completion of an IM4Q data cycle, provider agencies were able to request IM4Q reports based on their specific data. However, at least five individuals from that agency would have needed to participate in an IM4Q interview. Provider agencies used the data to improve practices and the overall quality of life for the individuals they served. Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ODP suspended completion of all face-to-face interviews by IM4Q local programs in March 2020. This resulted in a significant number of surveys not being completed.

While ample data was collected to create a statewide summary report for 2019–2020, the data was not sufficient to provide reliable provider-level reports. This has also prevented provider profiles based on 2019–2020 IM4Q data from being completed.

A reduced number of IM4Q interviews resumed virtually in 2020–2021. Following the closure of the IM4Q cycle, ODP will determine if enough data was collected to provide these reports and profiles. Additional information will be issued via future communications.

CONTACT: ODP IM4Q Regional Leads