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RCPA letter Dennis Davin

RCPA sent a letter to the Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin regarding the $50 million Hazard Pay grant program. The General Assembly established the Hazard Pay Grant program and created guidelines through the budget process. RCPA had concerns about the lack of transparency by which these funds were awarded.

Because of these concerns, RCPA drafted the letter so we were on record. In the letter, RCPA requested that if the program receives additional funding in future, more weight be given to factors such as health and human service providers’ financial needs; the impact a provider has on its local community; the number and percentage of direct staff it has employed during this crisis; and whether a provider has changed the way it conducts business so they will be eligible for these types of programs.  By specifically including these factors in a transparent manner, RCPA believes grant awards will be distributed more equitably.

Please contact Jack Phillips with any questions.