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rcpa member supplies needed

RCPA has been hearing from members regarding supplies they need to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. We have heard from members that they are running short on masks/respirators, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc. Regarding masks/respirators, RCPA understands there is a shortage of these items. Providers are in need of masks/respirators to take care of residents in group homes, inpatient facilities, etc. If a resident in one of these facilities is stricken with COVID-19, then staff will have to follow CDC protocol and be required to use masks/respirators. If providers do not have any to give to staff, then providers will have to transport the resident to the hospital. We understand hospitals would rather keep individuals in their current location.

In most instances, providers are working with their local hospitals to get masks/respirators, but there are limited quantities, if any. To try and combat this shortage, providers should contact their County Emergency Management office. RCPA understands that the mask/respirator issue is a major concern for providers and we are working with our state partners for assistance.

If providers are experiencing any other shortages such as medicine, food, or other supplies, please contact a member of the RCPA staff as soon as possible or as needs arise, so we can inform the applicable state agency. Questions, please contact Jack Phillips.