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In the last week, State Representative Seth Grove (R – York) drafted and is circulating a co-sponsorship memo that will possibly eliminate the behavioral health carve-out. Additionally, State Representative Aaron Kaufer (R – Luzerne) spoke with Jack Phillips, RCPA’s Director of Government Affairs, expressing his interest in drafting similar legislation. On the Senate side, Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R – York) has also drafted and is circulating a co-sponsorship memo that would eliminate the behavioral health carve-out.

RCPA President/CEO Richard Edley and RCPA Director of Government Affairs Jack Phillips spoke with staffers from the House Human Services and Health Committees about this legislation. The House staff asked for RCPA’s feedback within the next few weeks, because staff will be working on the draft legislative language. During the discussion with House staff, RCPA requested stakeholder meetings and possibly a House hearing on the legislation. The House staff was open to RCPA’s recommendations, and they indicated a willingness for a robust discussion on this legislation.

Additionally, Richard and Jack met with Rep. Mike Sturla (D – Lancaster), Chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, and his staff to discuss the impacts of eliminating the behavioral health carve-out.

RCPA supports the behavioral health carve-out and has drafted a position paper in favor of continuing the carve-out. RCPA staff will use the position paper when they discuss this issue with legislators and members of the administration on this issue. Questions, contact Jack Phillips.