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Today, June 3, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) held the first of four Provider Preparedness Summits for Residential Services providers. The purpose of the summits are to take a deeper dive into the specifics that are being proposed for implementation of performance-based contracting (PBC).

The PowerPoint is now available, and a recording of the session will be posted shortly on the MyODP website.

ODP staff in attendance answered many questions submitted by providers. One of the key takeaways from today’s summit is that ODP will be postponing the due date for residential provider agreements to be signed and submitted to ODP. Originally, they were projected to be due by June 30, 2024; however, ODP has now stated that the due date will be July 31, 2024. The agreement has not yet been published, but it is expected to be released tomorrow, June 4, 2024.

There are three additional summits planned, and ODP will be recording each summit. Providers are encouraged to attend all four sessions as well as watch a pre-recorded webinar. All of these resources can be found on the MyODP website.

Contact Carol Ferenz for further information.

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On April 24, 2024, Novitas Solutions hosted their first webinar for inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF) in preparation for the start date of the IRF Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) in Pennsylvania on June 17, 2024. Novitas is the RCD contractor for the state of Pennsylvania. The webinar provided an overview of the process, the different review choices, and the instructions for contractor-specific portal (Novitasphere). While the webinar primarily covered the basics of the program as previously laid out in CMS’s materials, there was some new information that was shared:

  1. For the first time, Novitas introduced the clinical leadership team for the demonstration in Pennsylvania:
    • Ene Ojile, the Contract Medical Director overseeing the RCD in Pennsylvania. Dr. Ojile is Board-Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R), and she most recently served as Medical Director for a large freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital.
    • Jessica Hicks, RN, MSN, the Medical Review Manager.
    • Mia Jackson, RN, BSN, the Medical Review Team.
  2. There was some discussion and confusion about the methodology Novitas will use to calculate individual hospital’s affirmation rates under the RCD. During the webinar, Novitas staff stated that the total number of submissions and resubmissions would be included in the calculation, potentially penalizing hospitals for completing resubmissions even if the claim is eventually affirmed. After the webinar, Novitas circulated a “clarification” indicating that, “The number of resubmissions is not counted against the affirmation rate.” Additional clarification will be requested to confirm how the rates will be calculated and that the same methodology will be used as in Alabama.

The slides from the April 24 webinar are now available, and Novitas has also posted a recording of the main presentation (without the public Q&A portion) available here.

Novitas will also be hosting the following training and education webinars leading up to the start date. You can register for these webinars at their website.

  • May 2 — Review Choice Selection & Process (PA IRF Providers Only)
  • May 3 — RCD: How to Prepare (All JH and JL IRF Providers)
  • June 4 — Pre-Claim and Post-Payment Review Submissions (PA IRF Providers Only)

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has shared ODPANN 23-104: Webinar Recording Now Available: Community Participation Support (CPS) Waiver Amendment Changes in the Intellectual Disability/Autism (ID/A) Waivers. This announcement provides details on accessing the webinar recording on CPS changes made in the recently approved ID/A waiver amendments. Please view the announcement for access information.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has shared ODPANN 23—095: Webinar Recording Now Available: General Overview of November 2023 Waiver Amendments. The purpose of this announcement is to communicate the availability of the recordings of two webinars providing a general overview of amendments to the Consolidated, Community Living, Person/Family Directed Support, and Adult Autism Waivers, effective November 1, 2023. Please review the announcement for information on how to access the recordings.

ODP Announcement 23-022 is to inform all interested parties that the recording of the General Stakeholder Waiver Renewal webinar is available on MyODP. Major changes approved in the Consolidated, P/FDS, and Community Living waiver renewals are discussed within the recording. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the waivers effective January 1, 2023. The webinar recording and accompanying PowerPoint are now available here.

ODP Announcement 22-121 reports that the recording of the presentation provided by the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) staff during the webinar on December 1, 2022, which was to provide an overview of the heightened scrutiny process and to listen to public comments, is now posted on MyODP.

Public comments are being accepted until 11:59 pm on December 19, 2022. Please review ODP Announcement 22-117: Open for Public Comment: Proposed Heightened Scrutiny Service Locations to be Submitted To CMS. This announcement gives a background description of Heightened Scrutiny, the documents available for public comment, and how to provide public comment

Questions about this communication should be directed via email.