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ODP Announcement 23-017 provides information regarding Remote Supports as a separate, discrete service in all four of the Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) waivers. Remote Supports is no longer covered as a component of the Assistive Technology service in the Consolidated, P/FDS, and Community Living waivers.

Guidance in the announcement includes how to add remote supports to the ISP, necessary provider qualifications, and enrollment process. Please refer to Attachment A for more instructions on how to add Remote Supports services for the P/FDS, Community Living, or Consolidated Waiver. Please refer to Attachment B for more instructions on how to add Remote Support Services for the AAW. Additional information about the qualification of a new specialty is contained in ODP Announcement 22-122 “Provider Qualification Process.”

Existing providers must submit the approved DP 1059 (ID/A) or DP 1088 (AAW) along with the “PROMISe™ Provider Service Location Change Request,” which can be found on the MyODP website, to the ODP provider enrollment inbox and/or AAW provider enrollment inbox in order to add a new Specialty 364 to an EXISTING active service location with the same Provider Type. Providers that do not have a Provider Type 51 service location open in PROMISe will need to submit an application through the Provider Enrollment system.

Questions regarding ISP requirements should be sent to the appropriate ODP Regional Office. Questions regarding provider qualification requirements should be sent to the ODP Provider Qualification inbox and the AAW Provider Enrollment Lead.