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The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) is pleased to share the Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Telehealth Phase II Roadmap, which was developed in collaboration with the OMHSAS Telehealth Steering Committee and Mercer Government Services Consulting. This report focuses on identifying and prioritizing recommendations for short-term and long-term implementation of telehealth services in the Commonwealth. The roadmap includes example documents developed by the Steering Committee that can be used and personalized by the provider when implementing telehealth services. The work of the Steering Committee and other stakeholders has been and will continue to be vital in ensuring that the behavioral health needs of Pennsylvanians continue to be met.

RCPA recommends that your agency reviews the document with your teams as well as compares it to your current policies and practices. These recommendations are not mandates but offer a series of best practices as developed by the Behavioral Health Steering Committee. Additionally, RCPA will conduct an internal review and will request OMHSAS attend the next Telehealth Committee Meeting.

If you have questions regarding this report, please email OMHSAS and/or RCPA Policy Director Jim Sharp.