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The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) recently shared a One Page Reference for Supports Coordination (SC) Billing for Cross-Systems Meetings. The reference document was developed to help Supports Coordinators in determining when to bill for a multi-agency meeting. If the SC facilitates the meeting, it is a billable activity. If the SC is not the facilitator of the meeting but provides information about resources or ODP services in order to better serve the individual and their support needs for more than 15 minutes, they can bill for the time that they were providing information.

ODP Announcement 23-014 provides new guidance to SCOs on Supports Coordinators’ (SC) participation in the SIS-A™ and PA Supplement assessments, as well as clarification and new guidance on virtual assessments. This announcement obsoletes ODP Announcement 22-090. Read the full announcement for details. Highlights include:

Criteria for SC Participation and Virtual Assessments:

  • SC participation is required for all first assessments.
  • SCs are welcome but no longer required to participate in 5-year reassessments. If the SC does not attend the 5-year reassessment, it is ODP’s expectation that the SC review the finalized family-friendly report, update the Individual Service Plan (ISP) to reflect any changes in support needs, and conduct follow-up activities as needed.
  • SC participation is required for all Significant Life Change assessments. A Significant Life Change is any major change in an individual’s life that has a lasting impact on support needs that may cause the individual’s support needs to increase or decrease.

Virtual assessments are permitted during inclement weather and when an individual or respondent is ill and able to participate virtually. Additionally, SCs now have the authority to decide whether an assessment should be scheduled virtually based on what is best for the individual and other valid respondents. It is ODP’s expectation that all valid respondents and observers who participate in a virtual assessment must have both audio and video on for the duration of the assessment.

ODP appreciates your commitment to the individuals and families we serve. Please contact your Regional Program Office (RPO) if you need more information or have questions about the SIS process.

ODP Announcement 22-035 announces that the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is requiring Supports Coordinators (SCs) to conduct an in-person monitoring with individuals that fall into the following priority list on their caseload that they have not seen in-person during this current Fiscal Year (FY) 2021/22 by the end of the FY, June 30, 2022.

  • Individuals who live alone that have not had an in-person monitoring during this FY;
  • Individuals who did not receive an in-person service from a Provider during this FY;
  • Individuals supported in a licensed residential setting that is currently under licensing sanctions or license revocation; and
  • Newly-enrolled individuals who have never had an in-person monitoring visit with their assigned SC.

An additional in-person monitoring visit is not required for those individuals who have already been seen in-person by the SC during this FY unless there are health and safety concerns.

Also, ODP recognizes that every individual has a different comfort level with in-person visits. Use the guidance and talking points in the Tip Sheet during your conversations with individuals and families to help them feel comfortable with an in-person visit.

ODP Announcement 22-005 describes the Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) Provider Qualification Process and outlines the steps the Assigned AE and provider must follow to meet these requirements. It also outlines the steps Supports Coordinators (SCs) take to transition individuals if needed. This communication does not describe the qualification process for SC organizations. The qualification process for Providers enrolled in the Adult Autism Waiver can be found in ODP Announcement 20-110.

The following attachments are included with the announcement: