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Sen. Brooks will introduce a resolution today that directs the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to study and issue a report on the specific data, calculations, and mechanisms that the Department of Human Services uses to determine the amount of Medical Assistance capitation funding ultimately paid to drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers within the Commonwealth.

The complete resolution, which includes a detailed listing of requirements of what the JSGC must analyze and report, can be viewed here.

The Senate Appropriations Committee will meet for a budget hearing with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) at 2:30 pm today, March 16. The budget hearing will be livestreamed. Please note that RCPA provider members received an email from RCPA earlier this week that incorrectly stated the hearing was at 10:00 am today.

For Fiscal Year 2022/2023, the governor is budgeting a total of $317 million for DDAP, which is a 16 percent reduction over the current fiscal year’s budget of $379 million. The decrease is due to a $60 million reduction in federal State Opioid Response dollars.

More details of DDAP’s budget are available in DDAP’s Bluebook. In addition, a previous communication from RCPA about DDAP’s budget ahead of its House Appropriations Committee provides additional detail about the $317 million budget.